Scrapping & Sanding At Talal Apparel

Denim Hand Scrapping:
Sand ballasting with paper, commonly known as scrapping is the most widely used process for creating the blasting effect. It is usually done by mounting the garment on rubber balloons. After mounting the garment air balloon is filled with air to expose the area to operate. It is important to fill the pressure.

Hand sand is the step that is generally done in the rigid form of garments to get the distressed look. Locations can be front thigh & back seat or it can be overall/global application as per the Standard. Emery paper is being used to scrape the garments in particular placement & design. Emery paper comes in different numbers generally starting from 40 to 600 and above, the higher the number finer the emery paper, and the lower the coarseness of the paper. In the garment industry 220, 320 & 400 number papers are the most popular & widely used.

Sand Blasting:
Sandblasting is the process of scrubbing off the garment by blowing high-speed air mixed with very fine particles of sand. This is a very successful and most widely used process for fashion articles. When the surface area of the garment is blasted, white cotton appears beneath the blasted area and the effect has appeared very similar to the worn-out jeans.
 Area of Application:
Specified areas for sandblasting are the front thigh, back seat, back panel near the bottom, or front panel around the knee. Sometimes full body blasting is also done for giving a unique look to the fabric. Hot spots may be designed for a more realistic look on the front knees or back seat by intense blasting in these areas.