Stitching At Talal Apparel

  1. SEAMS – When sewing denim, we choose a seam that suits the style and weight of denim you are using. It could be a graded seam or a bound seam or a flat fell seam. There is an option of using a serger or a zigzag stitch to stop fraying.
  2. DECORATIVE STITCHING – Top stitching on the outside is very effective but you will need the right cotton for that effect and may need to change your needle for one with a bigger eye. Going over seams twice will add strength to the garment.
  3. PRESSING – It is vital to press the fabric a lot as you sew denim. Press with a steam iron to really get the seams flattened. This will make all the difference to the finished garment.
  4. HAND TURNING – If the denim is really thick it is advisable to turn the wheel of the machine by hand and guide the needle over the tough spots. Then you can guide the fabric and prevent slipping and needle-breaking by holding the fabric as you guide it through the machine at the front and the back.
  5. FACINGS – Another tip for the thicker parts of the garment is to cut the facings out of a lighter fabric. This way they sit better on the edge of the neckline or sleeve edge and are not so bulky to sew. (How to sew facings)
  6. FEET – Finally, check your machine can cope with the extra weight of sewing denim. It needs to have a strong metal frame.  There are also different foot options like the jean presser foot or a roller foot.  If you are going to sew a lot of denim this could be a great option to help the sewing process.